Humanist Canada

Founded in 1968, Humanist Canada has its roots in the former Humanist Fellowship of Montreal. This fellowship was an organization of humanists that was founded in 1954 by Drs. R. K. Mishra, Ernest Poser, and Maria Jutta Cahn. Lord Bertrand Russell and Dr. Brock Chisholm were its first patrons.

Humanist Canada has grown over the past four decades to become Canada’s national voice for Humanism. We are also an associ

ate member organization of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Humanist Canada (HC) promotes education and awareness of Humanism. It is a resource for secular groups and causes across Canada and supports the advancement of scientific, academic, medical and human rights efforts.

Humanist Canada also recognizes people who have fought for human rights and secular freedoms through the Humanist of the Year Award. Past recipicients have been June Callwood, founder of Casey House, the world's first hospice for people with HIV/AIDS (2007, posthumous), and professor of bioethics and cognitive evolution, Dr. Christopher diCarlo (2008).


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